Melodic, smooth and contained, Ingram Hill could be the next big
band … on VH1. Their future is linked to the yuppie music
channel, as their generic brand of pop-rock has come to define its
very essence. Countless mediocre musicians have built entire
careers churning out bland hits. Creed, Nickelback and Matchbox
Twenty are only a few bands that immediately come to mind. On their
sophomore album, June’s Picture Show, Ingram Hill
prove that they harbor the same musical capabilities as their peers
but lack that enigmatic “it” quality that sets a band

There was a time when Ingram Hill had its own identity. Their
first album, Until Now, was released on Traveler Records and
created a mild ripple in the alt-country underground of Nashville,
Tenn. Disappointed by a lukewarm response, the band set forth on a
grueling tour schedule opening for such major acts as Jason

Though the heavy touring expanded their fan base, they left
their Southern roots on the road. On June’s Picture
, the homogeneous sound varies from dull to duller. An
injection of country — or anything, for that matter —
would serve to jump start their music.

June’s Picture Show does contain several solid
songs. “Captain” is a heartfelt ballad that sets the
tone for the entire album. “The Day Your Luck Runs Out”
demonstrates Phil Bogard’s competent guitar stylings and
Justin Moore’s melodic voice. After a while though, they seem
to merely regurgitate the songs of their equally bland peers:
“She’s so perfect” is eerily similar to Matchbox
Twenty’s radio hit “3 a.m.” This mediocrity is
their undoing, as they have no signature tone to call their

On the other hand, 30-somethings need their dose of rock
rebellion too. At the very least, Ingram Hill is not as oblivious
to the aging process as their pseudo-adolescent contemporaries. VH1
junkies will hail Ingram Hill and praise their lyrical and musical
capabilities. Although June’s Picture Show is a solid
album, Ingram Hill play it safe in a tried and true paradigm
instead of striving for something original.


Rating: 2 out of 4 stars

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