Not all campus crime is reported under new bill

Last week”s assault and attempted robbery of a Syracuse University graduate student by a group of teenagers near an apartment complex will not be reported in campus crime statistics, said Wesley Bird, assistant director of the Syracuse University Department of Public Safety.

The crime does not have to be included in the annual report of criminal offenses, released to the U.S. Department of Education, because the incident did not take place on or adjacent to university property, Bird said.

“We”re just following what the law says,” he added. “We have to draw the line somewhere.”

The Clery Law requires all colleges and universities receiving federal assistance to report their campus crime statistics to the department, said Howard Clery III, treasurer of Security on Campus a non-profit organization dedicated to improving safety at U.S. colleges.

Gore to teach at three universities

Former Vice President Al Gore has announced plans to teach at Middle Tennessee State University, Fisk University in Nashville and Columbia University in New York.

The MTSU course, as well as the Fisk course, will be on the subject of community building. At Columbia, Gore plans to teach a seminar on news and media in public policy at the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism during the current semester.

Gore said teaching was always something he wanted to try and he was particularly excited about teaching the courses on community building because it”s something new.

U.S. Rep. Bart Gordon said it wasn”t hard to convince Gore to teach at MTSU considering his father attended the university.

Gore has also announced that he will soon begin an academic relationship with University of California at Los Angeles, but the details of the nature and duration of that involvement is still tentative.

There also has been some discussion of Gore teaching at Vanderbilt University, where he received his bachelor”s degree in journalism, but it appears this will not be the case in the near future. Vanderbilt spokeswoman Beth Fortune said though are no current plans for Gore to teach at the Nashville school, he would be welcome to do so.

Kent State police to return rifles

Kent State President Carol Cartwright has asked the university”s police department to return the M-16 military rifles they recently purchased. Cartwright initially was in acceptance of the weapons but now says she is willing to return them at any cost refund or not.

The decision to return the weapons was made after an outpour of discontent was heard from both the university and the community. A petition from the Undergraduate Student Senate to do away with the weapons and a large amount of media attention also played a role in the request.

The police have agreed to send the weapons back in order to keep the connection and trust between the police and the community, Kent State Director of Safety Jim Peach said.

Cartwright said it was appropriate for the police department to have made the decision to purchase the rifles, which was done without university knowledge, since they are an independent operation and are not required to contact the university on administrative issues.

Peach said the rifles that were to be replaced by the M-16 will still be replaced by new weapons. The police department will do research to find the best suitable weapon for the university, but it will not be a military weapon.

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