With the power to veto actions of City Council, the mayor of Ann Arbor has more authority than any other city official. Since Democratic incumbent Mayor John Hieftje and his opponent, Republican Councilwoman Marcia Higgins, are competing to be mayor of a college city, the outcome of the race may depend on whom students favor.

Paul Wong
Marcia Higgins
Paul Wong
John Hieftje

“Youth’s job is to ask questions,” said Higgins, an executive assistant for Ardesta L.L.C. “They’re to challenge the community. With that challenge goes commitment.”

Hieftje said, “I really like the life and energy that the student population brings to the city.”

The mayor serves a two-year term as president, spokesperson for and voting member of the council. The mayor can veto a council action unless eight members support an override.

Hieftje and Higgins disagree on many major issues for the city.

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