The Michigan Student Assembly held its traditional “In and Out” meeting last night to mark the end of the term for its executive board and representatives. Newly elected President Matt Nolan and Vice President Jessica Cash chaired a short meeting for the new assembly after the old one relinquished control.

President Hideki Tsutsumi closed by reminding the assembly of its accomplishments from the past year and urging new members to not let failure hold them back.

“The first time I lost I came in fourth from the bottom,” he said. “If you did better than that you could be president next year.”

Tsutsumi finished by “pardoning” the person that stole his sign.

Outgoing Vice President Jim Secreto presented the Bryan Knight Award to Treasurer Siafa Hage, the Sarah Flynn Award to LSA Rep. Shari Katz and the Michael Patrick Wilson Award to LSA Rep. Michael Patrick Wilson, the only member of the assembly from the Friends Rebelling Against Tyranny Party.

“I devoted my life to this organization, and it has been a wild ride,” Secreto said.

But not everyone parted on a positive note.

Peace and Justice Commission Chair Justin Wilson accused MSA of harboring hostilities toward the “minority” conservative opinion on campus.

“Students should not be afraid of their government,” Wilson said.

Earlier this year, Wilson said his vocal support of presenting both sides of the affirmative action debate caused assembly members to drag his name through the mud.

“Because I spoke my piece, I had to go through hell,” he said.

Prior to the lengthy goodbye speeches, Secreto proposed four amendments to the MSA Compiled Code. The amendments place priority on student involvement in MSA as opposed to members of the Ann Arbor community.

“Let us give priority to those who we directly serve,” Secreto added.

All amendments failed by narrow margins with the exception of one that limits the number of copies assembly members are allowed to make without executive permission. Rackham Rep. Jessica Curtin acknowledged that the amendment was proposed in light of her making 10,532 copies with assembly money.

The final action of the old assembly was to pass a resolution in support of slavery reparations. School of Public Health Rep. Alicia Watkins sponsored the resolution in response to a House resolution that examines the institution of slavery and reparations that can be made.

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