American League Central, eat your hearts out. Low winning percentage? We’ve got it. Mediocre results? You know it. An exciting finish by default? No doubt about it.

After a second-consecutive week of near-.500 picks, the Daily Sports Editors are ready for a Twins-Royals-White Sox-esque finish to the season.

The story of the weekend, though, was Pete Poulos. After a 5-13 record from Lauren Kathleen, we were wondering if Ann Arbor celebrities were up to … well, at least our level of mediocrity. Not only did Pete step up to the plate with a 9-9 record, but he also made some very good ones for the Daily sports staff.

The winner on the week was Kyle O’Neill, who went 11-7. But even with the win, he’s still furious that he ever put faith in Michigan State for anything outside of lawn care.

J. Brady McCollough fought through the Big Ten quartet of losses in Wisconsin, Wake Forest, Northwestern and Ohio State to stay above .500 for the season.

Naweed Sikora remains positive despite missing on his second-straight best bet. Rumor has it that he’ll take Alma College to cover next week.

And Courtney Lewis continues to out-think Maryland’s coach Ralph Friedgen.








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