A new year means a clean slate, a time to believe that life from the first day of 2012 forward will be different. We had the pleasure and the misfortune of watching the lives of Hollywood’s hottest throughout 2011, from the comeback of Britney Spears to the fall of Arnold Schwarzenegger. As we all embrace a new year with a new perspective, let’s hope celebrities can do the same. Here are a few gossip headlines we can hope to see on the cover of US Weekly and People in 2012, a year when celebrities have a fresh chance to find happiness.

LOHAN FINDS WAY IN OSCAR-NOMINATED FILM: As a youngster, Lindsey Lohan introduced her acting skills in “The Parent Trap” and as a young adult showed her comedic skills in “Mean Girls,” but lately, the majority of Lohan coverage shows her taking the familiar walk in and out of the courtroom as she battles her many legal issues, like the misdemeanor she was charged with after reportedly stealing a $2,500 necklace. While the online blog LimeLife has grimly predicted Lohan to be a celebrity who might die in 2012, we hope to see a different — and living — Lohan in the new year. She had the acting talent as a child, and maybe, if given yet another chance, Lohan can prove herself worthy of her stardom outside of the courtroom with a strong film. If Lohan could rediscover the talent that made her famous, she could climb her way to fame as an actress, not a criminal.

PERRY AND BRAND, ROMANCE AGAIN: We thought we had safely made it through the big divorces of 2011 (Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries), but Katy Perry and Russell Brand, who married in October 2010, added yet another divorce to the list of Hollywood heartbreak. While Perry and Brand seemed just quirky enough to last as a couple, the divorce rumors swirling around their marriage at the end of last month weren’t false, as the couple repeatedly claimed. Brand filed for divorce on Dec. 30, and the couple spent the holidays apart. Once, this oddly matched couple seemed like the perfect example of true love in Hollywood, with Perry even showing footage from their secret nuptials in India during her performance at the Grammys last February. Of course, both normal and famous couples have their difficulties, but Perry and Brand were such a fresh duo to root for. Maybe if they find their love again, we won’t have to refer to Brand as the “One That Got Away” this time next year.

BLUE IVY CARTER MAKES MUSIC DEBUT: On Saturday, the hip-hop world welcomed the eagerly awaited Blue Ivy Carter, daughter of power couple Beyonce and Jay-Z. While this headline hopes for a future Baby B solo album, little Blue has already somewhat made her music debut. On Monday, rapper Jay-Z released a song titled “Glory featuring B.I.C.,” the initials of his little girl. In the song, Jay-Z raps about his love for his “greatest creation” to a beat by Pharrell, as Blue coos along in the background of the track. The song, which, shockingly, suggests that Beyonce previously had a miscarriage, even features the cries of Blue as the beat fades out at the end of the track. At three days old, Blue has already accomplished a hip-hop duet. We can only look forward to the talent this future starlet will show in the years to come.

SHEEN FINALLY ADMITS A LOSS: This year, the frantic shenanigans of Charlie Sheen captivated the nation as the former “Two and a Half Men” star gave us an inside look into his life with “the goddesses,” his “tiger blood” and how to constantly be “duh, winning.” Sheen’s role on the sitcom was handed off to Ashton Kutcher and as for Sheen’s sanity, that appeared to be traded in, too. His “Violent Torpedo of Truth” tour was a giant flop at its opening in Detroit, and the self-proclaimed “warlock” quickly faded into background noise as his antics became unprofitable. Now that the firestorm that was Charlie Sheen has faded, it’s time he admits his faults and the madness he portrayed in 2011. If Sheen can recreate himself as crazy in one year, let’s hope he can reverse his tarnished image in 2012. Hopefully, Sheen can see from 2011 that “winning” has never been such a loss.

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