Here and Now, Ike Turner & The Kings of Rhythm Ikon Records

Paul Wong
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Sixty-nine-year-old Ike Turner has been in the music business for a long time. Like fellow near-septuagenarian Little Richard, he has claimed that he invented Rock “n Roll. Here and Now, his first album in years, proves that he definitely did not invent funk-infused jazz, nor did his back-up band, The Kings of Rhythm. Not to say that the album is bad, but for someone who claims to be such a revolutionary you”d expect something more than left-over “Blues Brothers” riffs and passable piano solos.

Turner himself plays piano, guitar, bass and drums at various points on the eleven tracks. His gruff voice would make him perfect to play a bluesman in a movie, but he brings nothing new to the genre. His fairly impressive horn players are a treat on several tracks, yet the band never surpasses the mediocre. For the uninitiated, one could do worse than Turner”s highly listenable album, but one should not go out of their way.

Grade: C-

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