The Michigan women’s tennis team has not been able to avoid the rain these past two weekends. Last weekend, the weather didn’t seem to affect the team as they swept Hawaii, 4-1. This weekend, however, the 16th-ranked Wolverines lost to No. 9 Texas, 4-2, after a weekend filled with unrelenting rain and thunderstorms.

The weather was so bad that the Wolverines did not even get a chance to play against No.15 Texas A&M. The competition against the Aggies was scheduled for Friday and Saturday in College Station, Texas, but it was cancelled after two straight days of unusual rainfall throughout the state.

The match against Texas on Sunday was delayed two hours because of the rain. Because of the reduced time, no doubles matches were played.

“It was a tough weekend — it didn’t stop raining since the moment we got in to Texas,” said Michigan coach Ronni Bernstein. “But it’s a part of tennis. We did the best we could to get them ready for today, and I think we were. (The team) competed hard.“

Just because the team was not been able to escape the intense rain doesn’t mean there has not been any sun shining through. The Wolverines (7-4) have an exceptional class of freshmen that have proven themselves throughout this season.

Freshman Emina Bektas is nationally ranked at No. 10 after this weekend. At her previous national ranking of No. 5, she held the highest ranking in Michigan women’s tennis history. She is No. 1 singles, and is the first freshman under Bernstein to hold that position.

Over the weekend, Bektas had her 11-match winning streak snapped when she lost to Longhorn Aeriel Ellis, 6-3, 5-7, 3-6. It was a considerable upset, since Ellis is just ranked 30th nationally.

Freshman Sarah Lee has also done well this past season. Lee is No. 3 singles and has a winning streak of 10 straight matches as of this past weekend, including four over ranked opponents. Lee dominated her opponent, Noel Scott, from Texas, 6-4, 2-6, 6-1.

“They have been great for us, they both have really stepped up,” Bernstein said. “They are definitely playing some good tennis for us.”

Bektas and Lee have worked well in the doubles pairings also. Bektas is also No. 1 doubles, alongside sophomore Brooke Bolender, and the pair has a six-match winning streak. Lee is No. 3 doubles with freshman Kristen Dodge.

Lee recorded the second of the team’s two wins this weekend — the first victory came from No. 4 singles junior Mimi Nguyen. Nguyen is 14-7 overall, and won 6-4, 6-4 against Lina Padegimaite from Texas.

“As a whole, it was a good game against a good team, we just came up short.” Bernstein said.

The match next weekend against North Carolina will be the first of four matches in a row in Ann Arbor.

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