“Singing the blues is the joy of sharing your pain.” Though this statement may sound contradictory, blues singer Kate Hart wholeheartedly endorses the feeling. As part of the music scene for over 25 years, Hart has made the rounds with some of the best in the business and returns this Saturday to kick off her first Detroit tour since 1977.

Hart’s Detroit roots, however, were only the beginning of her success. Like many rational beings of the ’70s, she preferred the multifaceted Seattle setting to the disco-crazed D-town.

“I had to get out. I kept driving till the water stopped me, and it was the best thing I’ve ever done,” she laughs.

Regardless of her reasons, Seattle has been good to her. There, she’s received Grammy and W.C. Handy nominations, and was awarded the Women’s Leadership award for her continued work with women both in the music business and in her volunteer work. As a member of several thriving bands, she had the opportunity to share stages with such distinguished artists as Roy Orbison, Etta James and B.B. King.

Now, Hart is back with a brand new team of musicians. Her Dexter show boasts a more intimate atmosphere as she shares a duo with Dennis Burr, guitarist for Kenny Loggins’ band.

Hart says, “This is an opportunity to do some original material. I’m just excited to be performing.”

In addition to her scheduled stops in Detroit, Hamtramck, Plymouth and Saginaw, Hart has planned visits to New Orleans, Chicago and Cincinnati this spring. Although much of her tour showcases her new works, she also draws from over 10 albums of past material. Her namesake albums “Queen of the Night” and “Lucy Mongrel” are among her most notable productions.

“[Blues] is the most honest music I’ve ever heard. It’s the only music you can’t fake,” she asserts. Hart brings her self-described “in your face” material to the state that started it all. Her resounding enthusiasm rallies the relaxed ambiance of Dexter’s the Alley in her performance this Saturday.

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