It seems that every filmmaker in the world can get his hands on high-octane CGI effects these days.

Jess Cox
Fangs. Scary. (Courtesy of Fox Searchlight)

But what many of them seem to forget is that there are only two reasons to use CGI: economic concerns that make achieving comparable real-life effects too costly, or a director’s delusion that indiscriminately hurling special effects at the audience will make it forget the plot. The new fantasy-horror epic “Night Watch” embraces every aspect of the latter.

The film, an age-old tale of good versus evil, is the most commercially successful in Russian history. The title refers to a band of vampire peacekeepers patrolling the shadowy streets of modern-day Russia, fighting to maintain a balance between “light” and “dark.” The Night Watch, led by Anton (Konstantin Khabensky), must fight to prevent the forces of darkness from spreading. Countless archetypes and clich

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