Remember when you”d count down the days until it was your day? The day when you could eat cake for breakfast, expect to be treated like royalty and invite all your friends to sing around the glowing candles and play pin the tail on the donkey while wearing ridiculous hats. In the college years of your life, birthdays might not have the same routine altering effect as they did in our now seemingly distant youth, but students still know how to enjoy them.

Paul Wong
Friends often gather at Good Time Charley”s to celebrate birthdays.<br><br>LESLIE WARD/Daily

Like most University students, you probably are amidst the seemingly excruciating wait to turn the ripe age of 21. That or you are among the old-timers who remember how ready you were when you passed the milestone.

But if you want advice on how to celebrate your big “of legal age” birthday, you might not want to ask some of your friends notorious for partying, they probably won”t recall much of it. LSA senior Mike Larson is almost hazily positive he had a birthday celebration.

“It was a great day, I remember I got mail that day. That night my buddies took me out to Good Time Charley”s. And it was a good time, I”m pretty sure,” Larson said.

Everyone has their own idea on how to celebrate their birthday. They might want to do something special, maybe something unusual. Like cascade over the inactive volcano, Huascarn, in southeastern Peru. But if you can”t make it to South America, just head to the restaurants on South Main Street.

LSA junior Sarah Johnson celebrated her 19th at B.D.”s Mongolian BBQ. “My birthday was on a Saturday. My friends took me out the Mongolian. Just my luck, there were like five other birthdays going on at the same time. It”s not that I wanted all the attention to myself, but c”mon, it”s my day,” she fumed.

Whether you spend it with friends or family, the day should never be left unmarked. Kinesiology student Jessica Rose”s parents came up for her birthday.

“I made them take me out to the most expensive restaurant I know, The Gandy Dancer, and I took like 20 of my closest friends and the waiter was really cute. But with my parents there and all, I didn”t try anything.” she said.

Of course your great birthday plans could also include a house of average size and someone playing music in a crowded room with lots of happy people. It doesn”t matter if nobody knows it”s your birthday, you just want to blame your behavior on the date on your drivers license.

“Our house was so packed last year for my 21st birthday. I think my roommates paid people to come or something but it was so much fun. Cleaning up the next day was a pain but I have pictures from my night. And from those, I can tell it was a success,” said an anonymous LSA student who was afraid to tarnish her “good girl” reputation.

Dj Vu is a popular birthday venue for those who want a guaranteed viewing of breasts on their special day instead of incoherently begging to any woman around. Jeff Jenkins, a LSA sophomore gentleman, mentioned his friend”s birthday at the club.

“For my friend”s birthday we went to Dj Vu. He got to go up on stage with the dancers and smiled for the free picture. It was the greatest day of his life,” he beemed.

Maybe you”re a “surprise me” type of person. You”d be the one dropping hints, very much wanting someone to plan your day. You want everyone you know in one room with huge smiles and even bigger presents. But to many the prospect of unexpectedly walking into a room full of friends, having them scream surprise at you, might be something you”d want to avoid.

LSA student James Lee shrugged when asked about his birthday celebration. “I hate making everyone get excited for my birthday. I”m the only one who really cares, but I still had a fun time. We ordered Jimmy John”s. But next year I”m turning 21 so I”m sure we”ll go out. We”ll go out to Jimmy John”s instead of ordering in.”

For the many students living in the extremely spacious residential halls, weekday birthdays might still mean the dorm”s everyday sticky pasta and red sauce for your special meal.

If you”re really lucky you might feel the excitement of getting a little white strip announcing you have a package in the mailroom. While some students who lived near Ann Arbor decide to go home for some devils food cake mix.

“The best thing I could get for my birthday was a sleep in, to sleep in my own bed,” a Bursley freshman declared who wanted to save her name from print.

It”s important to remember that you never need a reason to celebrate and indulge in thick frosted cupcakes. Half birthdays are just the beginning. Quarter birthdays are now legitimately your day as well.

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