The annual Halloween block party “Nightmare on Elm Street” ended Saturday night with a brutal beating and the hospitalization of a man trying to drive his vehicle down the crowded street located east of Central Campus.

A 19-year-old male was driving down Elm Street Saturday night when a group of people — reportedly in their late teens and early twenties — started to throw objects at his Mazda, Ann Arbor Police Sgt. Mike Lance said.

Lance could not confirm if the driver was a University student.

According to the police report of the incident, several individuals became upset because the man was trying to drive through the crowd. The group began pounding on the car and attempted to open the doors and get inside.

One subject succeeded in opening the front passenger door and began yelling at the driver, who then stepped out of his vehicle, according to the report. The subject then began punching the driver in the face and knocked him to the ground. Five more individuals then joined in the beating.

Lance said the Ann Arbor Police Department received a call at 11:18 p.m. and appeared on the scene at 11:21 p.m. When police arrived, the victim had been placed on the porch of a nearby residence. He was given initial medical care before being transferred to the University Hospital.

LSA junior Jayant Krishnan was on Elm Street before the incident occurred. He said a large crowd was forming and people were getting rowdy.

“It was a huge group of kids who were just causing lots of shit on the street,” he said. “There were like 30 kids just kind of wreaking havoc.”

Krishnan said a man also hit him in the face before the driver was beaten up. He said he believed the individual who hit him was the same man who began beating the driver.

Krishnan said he saw a bunch of people jumping on the victim’s car and throwing bottles at the vehicle. When the driver stepped out of his car, Krishnan said the driver was “gang beat by a bunch of kids.”

“They threw him on the ground and literally gang beat him,” he said. “The last thing I saw was a kid trying to curb stomp him.”

Krishnan could not describe the victim, but said he looked injured.

“All I saw was his face covered in blood,” he said.

Kinesiology sophomore Emily Bonchi was walking down Elm Street while the victim was being attacked. She said she saw a group of about 15 people participating in the fight.

“Some of them were beating him up, some of them were breaking it up,” Bonchi said. “There were strangers getting involved trying to break it up.”

LSA sophomore Monica Kusaka was also walking down the street and said she saw at least five people physically hurting the victim before two guys picked him up and carried him to the nearest porch.

“There was a huge crowd standing around,” Kusaka said. “By the time I got there, they were carrying him away.”

Bonchi said she couldn’t see much because it was dark, but that the victim “looked pretty bad” and appeared unconscious.

The victim was placed on the porch of house number 547, which Krishnan said is currently vacant. No one answered the door at the residence Sunday night.

LSA sophomore Jamie Bloom lives in house 541 — directly on the left of the house where the victim was placed after the attack. Bloom said he and his roommates were not home when the incident occurred, but heard people had knocked on their door wondering if they knew the victim.

Lance said the block party broke up after the incident and that no one else was harmed.

“We didn’t take any real action out there,” he said. “People pretty much after that went elsewhere to other areas.”

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