WEST LAFAYETTE — The Michigan men’s basketball team is down 43-27 after 20 minutes of play at Purdue. The Wolverines are without star guard Manny Harris, who was suspended for the game for “unsportsmanlike conduct” at Friday’s practice. And it’s pretty obvious Michigan’s feeling that absence.

Senior forward DeShawn kept the Wolverines in the game early, scoring Michigan’s first 13 points. But without Harris, the Wolverines don’t have anyone else in the lineup who can create their own shot. Outside of Sims, Michigan has combined to shoot just four-of-10 from the floor. The Boilermakers are shooting 60-percent, and have been led by Robbie Hummel (13 points) and JaJuan Johnson (10 points)

The biggest difference in the contest (outside of Harris being suspended) has been Purdue’s offense. The Boilermakers have attempted 10 more shots than the Wolverines. Michigan has turned the ball over nine times and have not recorded a single offensive rebound. Purdue has grabbed six boards rom the offensive glass.

Keep checking The Michigan Daily’s live blog for the rest of today’s action.

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