A guy in a Michigan sweatshirt walked up to the balcony area of the Fishbowl on Thursday. He started leading a “Fuck the Buckeyes” cheer and clapped for about a minute.

Sarah Royce
A Michigan fan looks for an extra ticket to the Ohio State football game on Saturday. (ZACHARY MEISNER/Daily)

Some students ripped their eyes from their computer screens long enough to join in chanting and clapping.

Most people just stared at him. He walked away angrily – but only after he yelled: “Do you guys go to this fucking school? A bunch of losers.”


Impromptu spirit

At 2 a.m. Saturday in the New York Pizza Depot on South University Avenue, a throng of students suddenly began to sing “The Victors” in unison.

The song rang through the pizza joint as nearly every single student there pumped their fists in the air.


Ohio kindness

While behind enemy lines in Columbus Saturday, I had prepared myself for the worst. In an attempt to violate every rule in the warning e-mail the administration sent to students, my friend and I decided to walk down High Street.

Needing some sustenance for the big day ahead of us, we decided to get some pizza at Donato’s on the same strip we had been told to avoid.

Outside the stadium, an obviously intoxicated Buckeye spent several minutes trying to get us booed by the steady stream of fans on their way to the game.

He was unsuccessful.

We struck up a conversation with a couple clad in scarlet and gray at the door of Donato’s and waited in line with them.

While waiting for our food, we searched the crowded pizza joint but couldn’t find an open table.

The same two Buckeye fans noticed and motioned us over to the empty seats at their table. They smiled and invited us to sit with them. We had a wonderful lunch.


Not everyone saw

LSA junior Terry Yang’s friends were shocked when he told them that he would be studying for a chemistry test at 3:30 p.m. Saturday.

“I’ll see it later on ESPN,” he said.

Kinesiology senior Hassen Berri, who spent The Game studying organic chemistry, thought not watching the epic clash was something to hide.

“All of my friends are in Columbus right now, so I just didn’t tell them,” she said.


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