The latest episode of “The Walking Dead” leaves us with more questions than answers — and not good, “What happens next?” kind of questions. Instead, we’re left wondering what a violent, unstable and unintentionally funny white supremacist is doing on a dangerous scavenging mission that demands levelheadedness. Or how, in just a day, our hero manages to go from bedrest to shooting waves of zombies neatly in the head while running.

“The Walking Dead”


That’s not to say the episode is atrocious. It’s action-packed and mildly suspenseful. The overcooked racism is often hilarious, and the survivors’ gruesomely creative plans to escape the hordes of ravenous corpses are fun to follow. But after the pilot — a masterful, poignant look at a devastated world — this latest offering falls flat, especially when the writers try to inject ethical dilemmas like the morality of looting in post-Apocalyptic hellhole-ville. With a love triangle festering in the corner and a foreshadowed reunion between our hero and his family, all signs point to even more forced drama in the weeks to come. This show hasn’t turned yet, but it’s getting there.

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