MELROSE PARK, Ill. (AP) A former factory worker who got caught stealing from his employer forced his way into the suburban Chicago engine plant yesterday and opened fire one day before he was to report to prison. He killed five people, including himself, and wounded four others.

William D. Baker, showed up at the Navistar International plant with an arsenal of weapons in a golf bag and made his way through the vast building, blasting away with an AK-47 assault rifle, police said. Employees scattered in terror during the 10 to 15-minute rampage.

He shot seven people, three of them fatally, in an engineering area, then went into an office, where he killed one more person and then shot himself, police said.

Baker had been scheduled to surrender today to serve a five-month federal sentence for conspiracy to commit theft from an interstate shipment. He pleaded guilty last June, six years after he was fired.

Martin Reutimann, an engineer, was sitting at his desk when he heard gunfire about 10 a.m.

“I heard somebody yell, “There”s a guy in the center aisle with a gun!”” Reutimann said, referring to the long hallway where engines are tested. Reutimann said he didn”t believe it at first, then saw people running past him. He grabbed his coat and cellular phone and dialed 911.

Police said Baker showed up at the plant with his weapons in a golf bag. When a security guard tried to stop him, Baker put a .38-caliber revolver to her side and forced his way into the plant, police said.

Once inside the plant, Baker fired the assault rifle, police said. He also carried a shotgun and a .30-caliber hunting rifle besides the revolver, police said. They were not sure whether those weapons were used.

The plant, about 15 miles from company headquarters in downtown Chicago, employs about 1,400 people.

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