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Most students are home for the summer, and the football players haven’t yet reported for training, but the Aug. 30 season opener against Central Michigan will be here before you know it.

The deadline for new students to buy tickets is June 20, so make sure you’ve got your seat in one of the most exciting stadiums in all of sports.

Before you start the maize-soaked walk to Michigan Stadium in a couple of months, there are some things you should know.

For many years, seating assignments were based on seniority. Last year, the Athletic Department tried out a general-admission policy, where the first ones to the game got the front-row seats.

This year will be different again. The new arrangement is based on attendance and then seniority. The “superfans” — those who attended at least five of seven games last year — will be in the front, followed by seniors, juniors and sophomores who are not superfans. That leaves new students at the top of the Big House.

Many people will tell you there’s no bad seat in the stadium, so don’t worry.

This year’s attendance becomes important next year, when assigned seats are determined solely by attendance. Six points are possible for each game this year: You earn six for arriving at least 30 minutes early and three for arriving before game time. Thirty-six points are possible (allowing you to miss a game and still earn all the points).

As soon as next year, you could have the best seats in the Big House.

Here are a few more things worth knowing:

SEATING GROUPS: The game-day experience is often best shared with friends, so you might want to get tickets together with your friends. To do so, get one person to start a group on the Michigan athletics ticket site. You’ll have to create a group name and password, and anyone with the password can join the group. Just be sure to join the group when you’re buying your tickets.

H.A.I.L.: The Athletic Department’s new H.A.I.L. (Honoring Attendance, Involvement and Loyalty) program gives students rewards for attending games.

When you get to the game and your ticket is scanned, you’ll automatically receive points on H.A.I.L. for attending the game. Any other sport, just check in with the H.A.I.L. app on your smartphone. You’ll need to create an account first.

With 20 points, you could earn a pair of sunglasses and a T-shirt. Go to enough games, and the list goes onto autographed basketball, EA Sports NCAA Football 14 or even entry into a $2,000 grand prize.

THE SCHEDULE: You get tickets to seven games with this year’s season ticket package: Appalachian State (Aug. 30), Miami (Ohio) (Sept. 13), Utah (Sept. 20), Minnesota (Sept. 27), Penn State (Oct. 11), Indiana (Nov. 1) and Maryland (Nov. 22).

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