“I play the brooms, pen and pencil, shoes and alto cans,
and I make farting noises with my mouth,” commented Lisa
Goldstein, a member of Groove, the University’s Stomp-like
group. Goldstein’s instrumental expertise, like her fellow
band member’s, is in alternative instruments. “We use
tons of metal poles, garbage cans, road-closed signs, brooms and
tons of drumsticks.”

Fine Arts Reviews
Whack-a-Grouch. (Courtesy of Groove)

This weekend, Groove will showcase the playing of these abnormal
instruments in their show, “Weapons of Mass
Percussion.” While Groove have performed at such events as
Dance Marathon, the Michigan League’s Thursday Night
Spotlight and Greek Week, the group had always performed as the
opening act for other groups around campus. Saturday marks the
group’s first appearance as headliner, Goldstein said

The event will contain a wide variety of upbeat numbers and
exuberant performances. In one piece, the drumsticks are covered in
glow tape to further the visual spectacle of the piece. In another
number, currently called “The School Song,” pens,
pencils, staplers, rulers and a whole host of other school supplies
will be used to create the beat. Finally, in one of their most
bizarre works yet, the musicians will appear in bathroom stalls and
will be using their mouths to make numerous noises typical to those
heard in a bathroom, all while banging on the walls. The show also
features covers of pop songs performed in unique ways.

The road to their first big show has not been an easy one: It
has been paved with many obstacles. “Our practices are
loud,” Goldstein explained, “so we have been moved and
kicked out of rooms on several occasions.”

Another problem the group has had to overcome is the
transporting of props and instruments. Goldstein remarked that the
group has to rent out a U-Haul just to get all of the equipment
— trash cans, poles and brooms — to the stage. After
months of rehearsals, the show has finally become not only a
reality, but an event to be anticipated.

The night promises to be one of bombastic beats, insane rhythms
and a flurry of drumsticks. It will be an event marked by its
visual fanfare. In the words of Goldstein, “The audience can
expect a night full of rhythm, crazy antics and audience
participation. It is going to be a lot of fun.”

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