Over 40 employers and hundreds of students gathered Tuesday in the Dana Building’s Ford Commons for the University’s first campus-wide Green Career Fair. Open to all University students, the fair showcased internships and jobs centered around environmental and sustainability issues.

Though the School of Natural Resources and Environment has organized similar fairs for graduate students in the past, this year’s event was open to all students.

The fair was co-hosted by the student organizations Students for Clean Energy and Net Impact Undergrad, and sponsored by the environmental consulting firm Antea Group.

LSA senior Jesse Selvin, president of Students for Clean Energy, co-organized the event and said many students are concerned about sustainability, but do not know how to become involved.

“We really want to make sure students know sustainability is something that’s vital both on campus and afterwards,” Selvin said. “And not only that it’s vital, but that it’s available, it’s accessible.”

Selvin added that he was pleased with the diversity of participating companies.

“I would say it runs the gambit from environmental consulting companies to engineering companies to nongovernmental organizations and research,” he said.

Han Zhang, a representative from Dow Chemical, said it is important for students to recognize that they can apply their interest and skills in sustainability beyond college.

LSA senior Michelle Dimuzio said she liked the fair’s concentration on environmental careers in contrast to larger career fairs. She attended the event last year as well, when it was focused on graduate students, and noted that this year there was a wider variety of employers present.

According to Selvin, Students for Clean Energy and Net Impact Undergrad began organizing the fair at the beginning of the semester. They used a poll to gauge student interest, and received favorable results. Their goal was to increase student awareness of opportunities related to the environment and sustainability.

Selvin said he hopes the Green Career Fair becomes an annual event, with even more employers and opportunities available to students next year.

“This year we were just sort of figuring out, testing the water, seeing if any students would be interested at all, and we had over 500 students registered,” Selvin said. “And all over campus people have heard about it, and that’s a really good, encouraging sign.”

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