The Interfraternity Council is promising stricter enforcement of a rule to limit the number of non-Greeks at parties after putting some fraternities on social probation last week.

The rule states that prior to fall Rush, fraternity guest lists may not include more than 20 people not affiliated with a Greek house.

“The rule is in effect until the end of fall recruitments,” said IFC President Marc Hustvedt.

“It is a way of limiting the number of freshmen who come to our parties.”

Hustvedt said the rule was established to deal with capacity issues at parties.

In accordance with the rule, fraternities must present students with a sign-in sheet at the door on which they must sign their name, Greek affiliation and student identification number.

But some students said it hasn”t stopped them from attending parties.

“Like that ever happens,” said Katie Brokamp, an LSA freshman.

LSA freshman Rebecca West said, “There”s no way they can enforce a rule like that.”

Hustvedt said that during Rush, members of the Social Responsibility Committee will make rounds to the different parties and check each page of the guest lists that are filled out.

IFC then will go over the lists when they are returned to the Office of Greek Life by 5 p.m. on the following Tuesday. If IFC discovers names with falsified Greek affiliation information, social violation points will be distributed to the fraternities.

“The majority of our houses have been really good about following rules, but it is going to take some time to get everyone to follow them,” Hustvedt said.

Jason Sparks, vice president of public relations for IFC, said several fraternities that were spotted breaking the rule have already been penalized.

“We do have some chapters on social probation for violations that we caught them on last weekend,” he said.

Sparks said the exact components of the rule were clarified Wednesday night at the first meeting of the semester for IFC.

Hustvedt stressed the rule will be strictly enforced in the coming weeks.

“A lot of chapter presidents and other executive members have been and will continue to be at the door monitoring guest lists,” he said.

IFC is confident that the rule will be enforced throughout Rush.

“Maybe someone got into one house, but then they are assuming that they can get into more than one,” Sparks said.

“I find it difficult to believe that people are saying they can get into any party. I have heard from some Greeks even that they are having difficulties getting into parties,” he said.

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