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A week of Greek commenced on Tuesday.

Greek Week is a seven-day event during which fraternities and sororities on campus participate in a series of competitive events. Proceeds from the week’s competitions help fund eight different charities.

The kickoff event for this year’s Greek Week was Journey of Dreams, a series of presentations by recipient charities to sorority and fraternity members..

Another one of the week’s events is a variety show, held April 1. LSA senior Alessandra Garvin, a director of Greek Week, said the show, Sing & Variety, is one of her favorite events.

“That’s a sing and dance competition similar to Mock Rock that our athletes do,” Garvin said. “That’s at seven at Hill Auditorium and it’s open to everyone. All ticket proceeds are going to Greek Week.”

Garvin said, in addition to competitions, there are also three service projects occurring on Friday.

“Service projects are where we pick three charities, we make things for them and help out by volunteering during Greek Week,” she said.

There are also a number of food-related fundraising events and three blood-drives occurring during the week, all of which are open to the public.

Business senior Christina Rzepka, member of Greek life’s Steering Committee, said Greek Week raised about $50,000 last year. She said a steering committee helps put together the event’s charity beneficiaries.

“That’s how we choose which charities to select,” she said. “Some of them contact us, other ones we just heard about or had a friend tell us about.”

LSA senior Dillon Rodriguez, event director, said this year’s charities are mainly local to the Metro Detroit and Ann Arbor areas, and many are related specifically to issues on campus.

One of the most notable charities this year is the Joshua Levine Memorial Foundation. The foundation’s mission hits home with many University students.

“Josh Levine was a senior who graduated last year, he was a bartender at Rick’s, a graduate of the football team and everyone loved him,” Rodriguez said. “Over the summer, in Chicago on July 20, he combined Adderall and alcohol and he overdosed and died.”

Josh Levine’s mother, Julie Buckner, spoke at the Journey of Dreams event. She said the goal of the foundation is to raise awareness of the dangers of mixing stimulants with alcohol, and to work toward decreasing binge drinking on college campuses. She intends to start an public awareness campaign with the tagline “It’s fun until — ”

“What I want to do with this foundation is spread more awareness of coingestion to talk about and to work on the binge-drinking change in college culture, to still have the (fun) time but not have the ‘untils,’ ” Buckner said. “Let’s just pull back so we don’t have the ‘untils.’ It can still be a great time if you drink and drink appropriately without it going anywhere.”

The other charities chosen support children and teens in southeast Michigan, including the Jalen Rose Leadership Academy and the nonprofit Merit.

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