As students braved the blustery weather, others manned stations throughout Central Campus dedicated to promoting health and wellness.

The Greeks for Wellness division of PULSE, a student-run organization sponsored by University Health Service, held a health and wellness fair Wednesday afternoon. Called “7 Wonders of the Wellness World,” the event featured stations around Central Campus focusing on major health issues that college students often face.

The stations focused on seven significant health issues for students, including mental health, academics, body image, sexual health, healthy relationships, nutrition and exercise.

The stations were spread out between the Central Campus Recreation Building, the Shapiro Undergraduate Library, the Michigan Union and Chemistry Atrium, with each station’s location corresponding in some way to the issue being addressed. The mental health station was in the Union, where the Counseling and Psychological Services office is, while the academic stress station was in the UGLi, where many students do homework and study.

At each station, students were given pamphlets with information pertaining to that specific issue and related wellness tips, as well as lists of on-campus resources available to them.

Every station had free giveaways, most of which were donated by various campus organizations. The Alumni Center donated Blue Books for the academics station, Sexperteam, an student organization dedicated to educating others on sexual health, donated free condoms for the sexual health station and Body Peace Corps, a program aimed to promote positive body image, donated bracelets.

LSA senior Heather Barlow, one of the coordinators of the fair, said the goal of the event was to put a positive spin on common wellness issues and to promote the various resources available on campus.

“The amount of health resources we have is unbelievable and a lot of people don’t know about all of them,” Barlow said.

She added that the event was the first of its kind, and depending on how things go, it may become an annual event. It’s also the first time the Greek community and PULSE have put on a campus-wide program together.

“The event isn’t directed towards just Greeks but we’re showing that Greek (community) as a front is committed to promoting health and wellness on campus,” Barlow said.

LSA senior Rachel Gefen, president of PULSE, said she believes the first event was a success. Though there were flyers and a Facebook event advertising the event, Gefen said the majority of the people who stopped by the stations were students who happened to be passing through the building, all of whom were “really friendly, interested and engaged.”

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