It”s been over a decade since British bad-boy Billy Idol has churned out one of his trademark testosterone infused, chart-topping singles. Is the world ready for a second coming? Certainly not. But for a taste of nostalgia, or for those truly demented fans that still worship the original “Generation X”-er, the Greatest Hits album brings back many fond memories of the good ol” days of wanna-be punk and glam rock.

The CD opens with Idol”s first big U.S. hit, “Dancing With Myself” and follows through with memorable “80s tracks like “White Wedding” and “Mony Mony.” Overall, this release is very similar to a 1992 European CD entitled Idol Songs, sharing 11 of the same “greatest” songs. Idol craftfully combines a snare drum driven beat with a loud and pulsating bass line, but the idea wears thin halfway through the CD as every song repeats the same idea.

Though Greatest Hits highlights songs off all three of Idol”s releases (Billy Idol, Rebel Yell and Vital Idol), there is a lacking element throughout most of the tracks: talent. Idol may have scored big on the charts in his heyday, but with the advent of Alternative rock, little Billy”s music sounds dated. Add to that a horrible rendition of Simple Minds” Breakfast Club classic “Don”t You (Forget About Me),” and there”s little reason to fork out more than a dollar for this CD. Purists will enjoy the hardly unplugged acoustic version of “Rebel Yell” recorded live in L.A. back in “93.

Grade: D+

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