Inbflat.net is a collection of 20 YouTube videos that can be combined in any order to create a calming and interesting musical sound. The videos include instruments and devices ranging from guitars and trumpets to Game Boys and voice recordings. This is a truly one-of-a-kind experiment, as each video was submitted independently with these instructions: play in B flat, with simple rhythms, breaks of silence and similar speeds and volumes to the other videos. The result is a brilliant, cacophonous sound.

-Brad Sanders

“David After Dentist”

What’s funnier than the antics of a seven-year-old and the musings of your friends when they’re stoned? The antics and musings of a stoned seven-year-old. “David After Dentist” details the journey of our youthful hero David — high as a kite — after a tooth removal at the dentist. David is philosophical and existential, asking “Is this real life?” and “Why is this happening to me!?” while wondering, “Is this going to be forever?” It’s adorable, it’s hilarious and it makes going to the dentist sound like fun for once.

-Carolyn Klarecki

“Blend Your Own Adventure”

For those who seek the adventure of blending random foods together and drinking the resulting concoction, but fear the digestive consequences, this YouTube compilation is your liberator. Minor YouTube celebrity Corey Vidal arrays an assortment of different tastes and consistencies on his kitchen counter. Then you, the viewer, get to choose which two he blends together and drinks simply by clicking your mouse. Not only does Vidal break into innovative new YouTube territory here, but he does so with a smile on his face and a potato-jalapeno smoothie burning in his belly.

-Jamie Block

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