MACKINAW CITY (AP) – Gov. Jennifer Granholm figured out how to put her stamp on the Mackinac Bridge Walk: She made it a bridge run.

Shortly after taking off, with the sun rising over Lake Huron, Granholm shifted from brisk stride to jog. She continued running most of the way, leaving puffing friends and aides in her wake and finishing the 5-mile trek far ahead of most of the crowd.

“All right,” Granholm whooped as she hit the finish line, raising her arms in triumph. Husband Dan Mulhern and daughters Kate, 13, and Cecelia, 12, joined her, while 6-year-old son Jack rode most of the way in a trailing van.

Aides initially said she had crossed in 43 minutes but later settled on 47 minutes, saying she had begun ahead of the official 7 a.m. starting time. Local officials said her timing was fastest ever for a governor, but Bob Sweeney, executive director of the Mackinac Bridge Authority, said records were too spotty to declare a champion.

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