Hey, kids: At long last, now you can bring all of the fun and excitement of the Grammy Awards into your very own home!

Paul Wong
Courtesy of W.W. Norton

The Grammy Nominees 2001 compilation album offers 17 selections from artists nominated for Grammys in the categories of Record of the Year, Album of the Year, Best Female Pop Vocal Performance and Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with a Vocal.

Passed over by the Grammy voting committee because you”re a hack writer at a student rag? Don”t worry just pop in the Nominees 2001 disc and enjoy the responsibility of choosing which musician”s artistic expression is superior to that of his contemporaries.

Record of the Year: Award presenters won”t be saying the name of Destiny”s Child, and though Macy Gray will try to walk away with the prize, she”ll stumble. “Music” may make the bourgeoisie and the rebel, but it won”t make Madonna a Grammy winner, and the ceremony will be anything but a “Beautiful Day” for U2. The winner? The best pop song of the past year, “N Sync”s “Bye Bye Bye.”

See? With Nominees 2001, you, too, can be an iconoclastic pop music critic (horrid puns and greater-than-thou elitism sold separately).

Invite over your friends and pass judgment on the nominees in the three other categories represented on the disc. Steely Dan versus Eminem, Britney versus Aimee Mann, the Barenaked Ladies versus the Corrs you make the wholly subjective call. Rock criticism, it”s fan(boy)tastic!

Grade: N/A

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