At the urging of Michigan Student Assembly representative Stuart Wagner and MSA President Jesse Levine, the Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library has agreed to extend its hours to students preparing for their upcoming finals.

The extended hours of the Graduate Library begin on the last day of class, April 19, and will continue until April 26. During that period, closing time on Friday and Saturday will be extended by four hours from 6 to 10 p.m. In the rest of the week, the library will be open until 4 a.m. — two hours after normal closing time.

Rebecca Dunkle, head of onsite access services at the University, said “We always do what we can to make the library available to the students, and this proposal was reasonable.”

But the extra hours will cost thousands of dollars, said Brenda Johnson, associate librarian for the University’s public services. Since the number of staff that will be available to work has not been finalized, Johnson said they can only estimate what the cost will be.

Dunkle said that the University and MSA were able to compromise on the number of additional hours the library would stay open during finals.

“We came up with a schedule that we could accommodate and afford,” Dunkle said.

Full-time staff will be on duty during the extended hours next week, she said.

“This is just one example of how effective communication between MSA and University officials can yield great benefits for the student body,” Levine said. “MSA is committed to working to provide student input on as many University decisions as possible.”

Widely considered a haven for students interested in a quiet and comfortable place for studying, students met the news of the proposed hours for finals week with approval.

“The Grad gives you a quiet space to focus and work without interruption or distractions,” said LSA sophomore Nupur Lala. “(In my residence hall,) the (Information Resource Center) gets so crowded and loud — it’s easier to focus in the Grad.”



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