Bill would penalize minors for returning from Canada

A bill introduced in the state House of Representatives last
week would prohibit minors from returning drunk after a night of
legal alcohol consumption in Canada. The proposal faced strong
opposition when it was debated in the state House.

The state Court of Appeals in 2002 ruled that drinking laws
could not be applied to people who become intoxicated in

State Sen. Valde Garcia (R-Livingston) said, “The person
in question must demonstrate or prove they have consumed that
alcohol in Canada,” in order to exonerate himself under
current law, but he was unsure what constituted permissible


Dean may be planning to scale back campaign

Senior advisers, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Dean
was considering dramatically scaling back his campaign with no hope
of winning the presidency. He was just as likely to cede the
nomination and, with hopes of becoming a kingmaker, endorsing a

Dean called both Edwards and Kerry to discuss his next step,
sources in all three campaigns said. The conversation with Edwards
was said to be warm and friendly, aides to Dean and Edwards said,
adding that it was inconclusive.

Advisers said Dean believes his fund-raising prowess could help
reshape the race if he throws his support behind Edwards. But they
did not rule out Dean endorsing Kerry, a move they said could seal
the nomination for the Massachusetts lawmaker.


Edwards plans to campaign in 10 upcoming states

Edwards, his dream of a head-to-head matchup now a reality,
declared, “We’ll go full-throttle to the next group of

The North Carolina senator pledged to campaign in California,
New York, Ohio and seven other states holding primaries or caucuses
March 2. At stake will be 1,151 delegates, more than half the total
needed to claim the nomination.

Edwards’ breakout was fueled by the highest Republican turnout
of the primary season and voters who made their decision in the
last week. His deepest support was in the GOP suburbs of

“That’s been happening in other primaries, too,”
Edwards told The Associated Press. “Republicans who would
consider voting Democratic and independents are the people we have
to win over to win the general election. That’s why I’m the best
candidate to take on George Bush.”


Judge orders Dean to explain sealed records

A Vermont judge yesterday ordered former Vermont Gov. Howard
Dean to detail the contents of his gubernatorial records and
explain his decision to keep them out of the public domain.

Dean has justified his decision by saying that withholding
gubernatorial documents from the public is common practice and
protected under executive privilege.

The records from Dean’s 12 years as governor were to be
sealed until 2013. Judicial Watch, a Washington-based public
interest group, filed the suit. The judge did not grant the
group’s request to force the release of the documents.


Kerry kicks off four-day campaign, heads to Ohio

Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts embarked upon a four-day
campaign Monday to focus on economic issues. Rep. Dick Gephardt of
Missouri, former Democratic presidential candidate, campaigned with
the senator in Wisconsin yesterday.

Kerry travels to Ohio today to campaign in what a senior advisor
told CNN was a key battleground state. Tomorrow, Kerry will
formally receive the AFL-CIO’s endorsement at a labor rally
in Washington.


Republican voters cast ballots in open primary

Taking advantage of Wisconsin’s open primary rules, one in 10
voters were Republicans and about 30 percent were independents.
Those voters broke for Edwards.

The strong GOP turnout was boosted by city government elections
in Milwaukee and a controversial referendum on casino gambling by
an Indian tribe.


-Compiled from staff and wire reports

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