Monday’s episode of “Gossip Girl” followed the recipe: It amped up the drama, threw curveballs (Georgina Sparks style) and made us root for our resident Romeo and Juliet — Chuck and Blair.

Gossip Girl

Season 5
The CW

Fans have been awaiting the wedding of Blair and Prince Louis, hoping it to be the site of Chuck’s final stand. And while it was, the wedding still occurred — but it doesn’t seem to have ended so magically for our Princess Blair.

Blair’s pact with God still seems completely out of character, and was likely only a plot device to keep her and the audience from what we really want: Chuck and Blair’s happy ending.

The humdrum with Dan-slash-Serena and Nate-slash-his snooze-fest of a love life took a backseat to Chuck and Blair’s forbidden love, as it has been all season. The kicker was the final scene, which left us with a question we’ve all had since season one: Who is the real Gossip Girl?

Though it’s formulaic, the method still works for “Gossip Girl,” 100 episodes into its run.
Drama, deceit, love and lies are exactly what we expect, and it’s exactly what we get.

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