“The Goonies” may just be the last great children’s movie that adults liked as much as the kids. It has adventure, romance, terror and the patented “Truffle Shuffle.”

The 1985 film centers on a group of outcast kids looking for a little fun on the eve of the demolition of their picturesque New England town. When they follow a family of convicts into an abandoned restaurant, they begin an adventure that leads them into hidden caves, pirates and a freaky piano made of bones.

The commentary track is done by Director Richard Donner (“Superman,” “Lethal Weapon”) and the entire gaggle of Goonies, from Jeff Cohen (Chunk) to the self depricating Corey Feldman (Mouth). When the commentary feature is enabled, the viewer is treated to a wide-screen view of the cast as they look now. This is a special treat for fans who grew up on the film, though it is slightly depressing to learn that Chunk has slimmed down significantly.

Other features include a short documentary of behind the scenes footage, showing a tired Donner sarcastically contemplating suicide, as well as writer/producer Steven Spielberg looking suspiciously like Howard Stern.

The disc also includes a ridiculously long version of Cyndi Lauper’s “Goonies R Good Enough” video featuring wrestling luminaries “Captain” Lou Albano, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper and Andre the Giant.

Along with a standard preview, the deleted scenes sadly add little to the disc. Most of the scenes are banal, and the much touted “octopus” scene looks cheesy and was clearly deleted from the movie for a reason. All in all, this disc is a must-have for fans, but those that buy it will probably wish it had a little more.

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