Though the country has faced an ailing economy and a high national unemployment rate over the past few years, technological industries have managed to weather the economic challenges, and have even displayed rapid growth. Among these companies is one with a branch right in Ann Arbor — Google.

Google announced last week that 2011 will be one of the largest hiring years for the corporation, as it begun a national search for potential employees to match the growth of its business. And the upcoming hiring includes more openings at the company’s Ann Arbor and Birmingham, Mich. offices.

Google’s Midwest Manager Jake Parrillo wrote in an e-mail interview that the company has had a successful financial period and is looking forward to welcoming new members to its team in the upcoming year.

“We have just announced a stellar quarter, and we are preparing for another year of great success,” Parrillo wrote.

According to the Associated Press, Google intends to hire more than 6,200 workers in 2011 — an employee increase of more than 25 percent from 2010.

Google’s Ann Arbor office, located on South Division Street, is a branch of the company’s AdWords advertising program that generates most of Google’s revenue. Parrillo wrote that since the branch’s opening in 2006, it has hired graduates from various colleges throughout the state.

“We employ a good number of U of M grads as well as MSU (graduates),” Parrillo wrote.

According to the Google hiring website, the Ann Arbor office is hoping to fill positions in account management, sales strategy and operations, as well as various technical positions.

Parrillo wrote that he couldn’t speculate on the number of employees Google is looking to add to its Ann Arbor branch but wrote that they’re looking for multiple people to fill each job opening.

Business sophomore Dylan Glenn said he believes the new round of hiring at the Google office here will allow students to obtain jobs in the technical career field.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity because it’s an excellent company,” Glenn said.

Business graduate student Ben Pierson said he anticipates the company will mostly attract undergraduate business students since most students in the MBA program hope to hold higher positions.

“I think people with MBAs want to run businesses,” Pierson said. “In Ann Arbor you’d be kind of stuck.”

Similarly, Business graduate student Erica Horwitz said most students in the MBA program would be more likely to search for jobs at the Google headquarters in Mountain View, Calif. rather than in Michigan, since the Ann Arbor office is better suited for undergraduates hoping to break into the technology industry.

“From an MBA perspective, I would think most people would prefer to go to the West Coast,” Horwitz said. “From a BBA perspective, it’s great and it’s probably a better way to get into the company.”

Business senior Connie Chung said that while she thinks the company’s expansion in Ann Arbor presents a good opportunity for University students looking to secure a job after graduation, she wouldn’t want to work there since she hopes to work elsewhere once she graduates.

“Because I’m from Ann Arbor, I would probably not work there,” Chung said. “But for people who want to stay in Ann Arbor, it’s a good opportunity.”

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