Sept. 6, 2000

The CRISP lady is officially dead.

The revamped Internet-based Wolverine Access has permanently replaced the aged telephone registration system that often frustrated students with its monotone requests to “please hold on.”

But while the new system has alleviated some difficulties, students have had mixed opinions on online registration.

Nursing juniors Patty Milne and Missy Myer said they were skeptical about moving away from the familiar phones.

“I don”t think they”ve done a very good job of explaining the process,” Milne said. “I”ve used it, but I”m not very informed when I use it. I”m going to miss the CRISP lady.”

Launched in June with the first session of freshman orientation, the registration system is now the most prominent feature of, a site that also offers students access to personal records.

“The phone system worked fine, but it was archaic,” said Linda Hancock Green, communications coordinator for Michigan Administration Information Services, formally known as M-Pathways, which is supervising the project.

Besides affording easier access to students” class schedules, the new system is able to support at least 500 users at a time. The phone system was limited to 128 callers.

“It worked very well for me. It was fast and easy,” Engineering freshman Vinita Brown said.

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