Jake Silver has no idea what he’s gotten himself into. He’s contemplating taking on the role of producer for a daytime talk show. He has a panicky station manager, a pompous host and a nun for a meteorologist. Trying to maintain some sense of balance will be a challenge. Luckily, NBC didn’t have this problem, as “Good Morning, Miami” is a fine mix of comedy and heart-felt substance.

Paul Wong
Courtesy of NBC
A lost photo from “Nuns on the Run.”

Jake (Matt Feuerstein) is a big-time, yet down-to-earth, producer who sees this new endeavor as a work in progress. His desperate, worried station manager, Frank (Jere Burns), will stop at no lengths to persuade him to take the job. Jake isn’t really sure if a conceited host, Gavin (Matt Letscher), and his beautiful, yet easily bored Hispanic co-host, Lucia (Tessie Santiago) is the type of person he wants to work with.

What could be the only solution to this problem? Well, have Jake fall for someone, of course. That “someone” is the show’s hairdresser, Dylan (Ashley Williams), an attractive, funny, energetic gal that can read Jake like a book. Jake now must choose between a love-at-first sight, or a successful job, which takes a predictable yet interesting turn at the end of the first episode.

Jake’s frisky grandmother, Claire (Suzanne Pleshette, “The Bob Newhart Show”) and Sister Brenda, a hilarious religiously-motivated weather-nun (Brooke Dillman) give the women a chance to also shine in this comedy. The writing is fast and funny, and the possible romance seems like an afterthought at times, but it always comes back at just the right time to keep you intrigued.

The characters are all given ample time to make their presence known, and each has a unique personality. There’s at least one character that everyone can call their favorite, and they will only get better as the show develops from week to week.

With a great time slot (9:30, as a lead-in to “ER”) and a strong cast, “Good Morning, Miami” can develop into being something more than just a blip on the new-series radar. A good evening’s worth of entertainment is what you expect, and NBC delivers.

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