Jared Goldberg
Daily Columnist and Edit Board Member

With the exception of Sam Butler, I think I am the most senior staff member of the Daily. Being a fifth-year senior – yes, I said it – I have seen much during my time on this campus, and most importantly, at this paper.

My time at the Daily has been a life-changing one. I have had my writing challenged, encouraged and, especially in my younger days, completely destroyed. But I’ve met some extraordinary people here. Remember, true believers, that the Daily staffers are people too. And we’re students.

To quote Abbie Hoffman on the power of youth: “We were young, self-righteous, reckless, hypocritical, brave, silly, headstrong and scared half to death. And we were right.” You have the power to change the world. Do it.

None of my endless reams of wisdom would have been possible without the help of many people. Much love for Imran, Chris, Emily, “zbream,” Suhael, Sam, JzPesick, Zac, Aubrey, Sravya, Dan Adams, Dibo, “thenelly,” Sam Woll, and all the others I’m forgetting. Thanks for making me the man I am today.


Mike Hulsebus
Managing Photo Editor

Emily Beam
Editorial Page Editor

Funny what can happen in two years. Peace.

Whitney Dibo
Associate Editorial Page Editor

When I first walked into the Daily, I was both politically confused and academically self-conscious. Now, after three years spent on the Daily’s editorial board, I am a firmly solidified liberal with overblown confidence in my own ideas. These are gifts you cannot receive anywhere besides The Michigan Daily.

And thank you so much to the wonderfully talented members of the editorial board for always challenging my morals and pushing me to defend my opinions. Your impact on my college experience cannot be overstated.

Thank you to Sam Singer and Suhael Momin for giving me confidence in my writing, and to Chris Zbrozek and Emily Beam for teaching me what good editorial writing is. And thanks to Mara, John, Imran, Amanda, Sam, Jared, Theresa and all the other members of the edit board with whom I’ve argued so passionately over the last few years.

After writing for the Daily, I have real faith in a newspaper’s ability to change things. I feel privileged to have been part of a publication that I know, in my time at the University, made a difference.

Phil Dokas
Online Editor

It is odd that having been here for nearly two years my first words to be printed in the Daily are also likely to be my last.

I am the person who has been leading the small group of people running the website and I am so proud to have been involved in the redesign that we unveiled this past fall. That was the culmination of something I have been wanting to do since I was a freshman reading the site in my South Quad dorm and it was a project I will never forget.

This is my one shot to address all of campus under my own name and in the interest of brevity I will keep this short and sweet. I hope my hometown of Ann Arbor has treated you all as well as it did me and that you find something in it to love daily. Finally, to pass along the most important thing I have learned in my last four years here: being satisfied is nothing compared to having appreciation.

Amanda Burns
Assistant Editorial Page Editor

For making me unelectably liberal, thank you.

Matt Kivel
Music Editor

Well this is it – I’ve stumbled through my years at this university hoping to find meaning. Searching for a better life and somehow I got tangled up in this publication they call The Michigan Daily. I learned a lot about music from the people here and I would just like to thank those who have helped me along the way. First and foremost I would like to thank Joel Hoard for giving me the opportunity to write for the Daily – and though I hooked up with your friends at that party freshman year I hope you forgive me; I was young and stupid. Next I would like to thank Andrew Gaerig, for teaching me what good music is and why all of my preconceived notions about music were wrong. Goodbye everyone, uphold the traditions of our forefathers.

Christopher Zbrozek
Editorial Page Editor

I was recruited to this paper, one of the Party’s most vital communication organs, in the dark summer of 2004. The fascist Bush, a shameless toady for the ruling class, strangled workers at home and abroad. A brave cadre of young intellectuals spit in the face of imperialist dogma and committed their blood to the revolutionary cause.

Those comrades who went before – Jason, Suhael, Daniel – now carry on the struggle elsewhere. Others – Sam, Jared, Emily – continued the fight by my side. Our successors will lead the people to glory. The reactionary elements within our ranks know who they are, and they shall be purged.

Two and a half years later, phase one is complete. Chairman Pelosi is in position. The insults of centuries can no longer be endured. Soon the people will rise, and the jackal Bush and his running dogs will face the proletarian justice they so richly deserve.

Workers of the world, unite!

Bernie Nguyen
Managing Arts Editor

No goodbyes. But good memories, good times, good friends. Everything I could have ever hoped for in an extracurricular, and so much more. Thanks to all my friends, and my dear roommates, BARI and 4QA, who have made the last three and a half years the best ones of my life, and Tom, who drove me home on rainy nights and always loved me. To Jeff, who taught me more than I could learn about journalism and scandalous cinema. Punit, Evan, Andrew, Kim, Donn, Opinion, my subeditors – my life will be less colorful, less brilliant, now that I won’t see you all on a semi-daily basis. I’ll miss you, and everything else about this place, especially the French fries and the sheer joy of finishing the page before deadline.

But no goodbyes.

Ashley Dinges
Former Managing Editor

Most of my education during the past four years happened within the walls of 420 Maynard St. I made great mistakes, had great successes and became friends with some amazing, talented people. To every Daily staffer past, present and future: Thank you.

Trevor Campbell
Associate Photo Editor

Punit Mattoo
TV/New Media Editor

Sorry to all my engineering friends who had to hear me mutter Paris Hilton jokes to myself while writing my columns in class. I hope outside of the letters calling for me to learn some manners and respect babies, people derived some joy from caustic insults only slightly above the quality of Jay Leno monologues. I know I did. The odd group of friends I made here over the past four years all gave me something completely different and gave me the LS&A education I missed out on. Thanks to Kim, you’re from Troy and made me realize how much I need to defend Detroit. Llloyd? Pizza House? Evan? The most obnoxious person I’ve met at Michigan and also the most intelligent. Nobody else can put me in a chokehold while lecturing me on Persian poetry and Wrestling storylines, and I hope that’ll still happen in the future. Bernie? The constant happiness was painful at first, but I finally realized that it helped me trough the dreadful nightsides. Jeff? It was fun taking care of you; I’ll take the girls you introduced me to as a thanks. Rachel? I should’ve listened to you a lot earlier. This Amanda girl, she’s a hot bitch. Thanks.

Anne Joling
News Editor

These past few weeks have given me a glimpse of what life will be like without the Daily, and it’s been wonderful. That said, I’ve also realized what it means to be out of the loop and away from my friends.

My hope is that this will not be a final goodbye.

Karl, your ceaseless energy and commitment to the Daily are both impressive and inspiring. Good luck and take care.

Anne, you are beautiful, intelligent, Dutch and also named Anne, and I feel privileged to call you my friend. Let’s make our lunch dates a regular thing.

Tina, I’m happy to have been given the chance to know and work with you.

Grossman, Kelly, Mek, Wally, good luck in the upcoming semesters, I know the paper will thrive under your leadership. Have fun, keep the editor parties alive and take care of each other.

To the Daily as a whole I leave you this advice: Don’t walk home alone after dark.

John Stiglich
Daily Columnist and Edit Board Member

I want to thank the Daily’s liberal ideology for pissing me off to the point that I felt compelled to volunteer for the editorial board so I could infect the page with occasional sanity. Over the years, I grew to respect colleagues that I never thought I would and I have harvested what I hope to be lifelong friendships with old adversaries. If you are a conservative student, give the editorial board a chance; you’ll never get your way, but they give you a nice soapbox from which to orate. McCain-Graham ’08!

Shubra Ohri
Statement Photo Editor

Rajiv Prabhakar
Daily Columnist and Edit Board Member

I still remember the day when I first joined the Daily. I was completely surrounded by people who seemed to know anything and everything about current affairs, politics and the University, and there I was – an 18-year-old freshman who just came to this country the previous month. There were few times when I felt more out of place than I did right then, and I literally had to force myself to keep coming back to the Daily over the next few weeks.

Oftentimes, especially during my first semester, I had almost nothing to contribute to the all-knowledgeable editorial board, but I still enjoyed just sitting in and listening to all the discussions and debates. Before I knew it, I was the one telling all my friends about the latest happenings at this University – at times, I still have trouble believing that I’m now a columnist here. Being in the editorial board and watching everyone debate their various beliefs was intellectually stimulating in a way that none of my classes were. To anyone out there who’s thinking of writing for the daily: just do it. You’ll have the time of your life.

Ali Olsen
Assistant Photo Editor

Carissa Miller
News Reporter and Editor

It seems almost futile to try to put into words why I am thankful for the years I spent at the Daily. Unique experiences, resume booster, talented people, a second family . blah blah blah.

So, to keep it relatively short and drunkenly comedic, I would like to thank:

everyone in news for allowing me to embrace my inner nerd; everyone in arts for helping me feel semi-cool even though I write for news; Ashley Dinges for the election car bombs; the summer 2006 editors for all the memorable moments; Andrew Klein for my first and only Daily point; and everyone who believes in the work we do and why we do it.

Much love and best of luck in the real world. And yes, I do explain it all.

Donn M. Fresard
Editor in Chief


This is the year.


Eugene Robertson
Grandpa Photo

David Tuman
Editor de Fotograf

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