A collective sigh of relief can finally resonate throughout a world terrified of a nameless “Austin Powers 3,” set for release on July 26. The original title, “Austin Powers in Goldmember” has been reinstated after a leagel fiasco between New Line Cinema (producers of the “Powers” franchise) and MGM, owner of the spoofed “James Bond” series.

Paul Wong

Despite using the title in trailers that began popping up in theaters before last Christmas’ first “The Lord of the Rings” installment, MGM said that they had not given permission to New Line. The Motion Picture Association of America stepped in and suppressed the title until the two companies could reach agreement.

While titles ranging from “License to Shag” to “Never Say Member Again” were suggested, New Line announced that they are now allowed to return to the original title. As a term of agreement, MGM has approval rights to any upcoming films in the franchise that in any way parody the “Bond” series.

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