Growing up, I always watched New Year’s Day football games with my grandparents. I entered college with a vague notion that it might be interesting, might even inspire a sense of camaraderie amongst people on campus, if the football team won a national championship. But it was not to be during my tenure in Ann Arbor and I was forced to consign myself to leaving that the University with a vague notion of dissatisfaction.

Paul Wong
David Enders

But that dissatisfaction was erased Monday, by the announcement the University will soon be performing on another national stage. Get out your MICHIGAN SCOTUS T-shirts and get hyped. Get ready to “Blue Out” the Supreme Court gallery. In a step that shouldn’t have been a surprise to anyone, the final round of Angry white people v. Bollinger has been set. Stand up and be proud, everyone! University President Mary Sue Coleman is ready “to defend ourselves vigorously.” (Either she’s the most boring person ever or doesn’t have much confidence in the University’s defense. Lee? Are you reading? Please come back. You ignored the faculty, but you were at least beyond simple tautologies. And didn’t you start this whole thing anyway? )

This spring, the attorneys hired by the University to defend its own law school will get their five minutes in front of the big nine; the culmination of lots of time and money that sadly had to be spent to prove a bunch of selfish people wrong. And now that things have hit the big time, all you fair-weather fans should probably familiarize yourselves with what’s happening and especially the players on the periphery of all this. So I’ll tell a little story:

It was May and I was a na

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