Fall is everyone”s favorite time of year, especially the American Family Association. When dealing with back-to-school it never hurts to keep your kids in line by filing protests in favor of cancelling controversial concerts. However, “Preaching to the Perverted” will make its debut in Royal Oak to hungry fans of heavier rock “n” roll.

Paul Wong
Godhead enjoys their new mainstream success by donning makeup.<br><br>Courtesy of EMD/Priority/Posthuman

Opening the show is Godhead, who not only don makeup, but actually have talent that stretches far past their gimmick. Influenced by a range of artist anywhere from Black Sabbath to The Cure, Godhead gives a more audience-friendly show than the average band by giving its all to everyone in attendance. Often criticized for being part of the darker, dangerous influences of music, lead vocalist Jason Miller related, “I don”t believe music affects youth culture anymore than movies do. That to me is what was so ironic about when Ice T was being criticized for “Cop Killer.” I mean Arnold Schwarzenegger stood next to George Bush critizing “Cop Killer.” While in the “The Terminator,” Schwarzenegger killed like 30 cops. What”s the difference? In the movie it”s even more visually depicted than in a song.”

When asked about their sound, Miller said “that”s tough. Most people would classify it as industrial rock. I can say that”s OK, but you never really want to pigeonhole yourself into one thing. I”d rather let the music speak for itself.”

Formed in Washington D.C., Godhead has opened for other bands like Gwar, and Christian Death, and continues to spread their music from coast to coast. Signed to Marilyn Manson”s label, Posthuman Records, Godhead has grown from their cult status, to enjoy mainstream success. With their guitar-heavy sound and lyrics that range from personal introspection to social and political commentary, Godhead takes their sound from simply another darker rock band in makeup. Miller”s background training in Opera and theater combined with bassist The Method”s vast knowledge of programming and Mike Miller”s guitar flavor, prove extremely useful in providing entertainment worth attending the venue early to see.

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