Donn M. Fresard: So we decided to go to aut bar because I read this article on Slate a few weeks ago and got really into the idea of Sunday-morning brunch. Apparently brunch is almost mandatory these days for East Coast 20-somethings, so I figured it was only a matter of time before the trend filtered out to Ann Arbor. After a so-so first outing at Frank’s, the aut bar seemed like a better fit.

Angela Cesere
Diners at aut bar in Kerrytown. (SHUBRA OHRI/Daily)

Kimberly Chou:

DMF: The Sunday brunch here is sort of a poorly kept secret among students who are even mildly familiar with Ann Arbor beyond campus.

KC: Despite how much the Deuce claims to be a “liberal college town,” most of us are a little squeamish about gay bars. Especially those of us in DKE.

DMF: We definitely boosted our liberal cred by being seen here. It’s not exactly underground – the parking lot is packed during brunch hours – but among the brunchgoers there’s still an air of being in the know. Still, the atmosphere is casual and friendly, not as self-consciously “cultured” – not as Kerrytown, we’ll say – as you’d expect.

KC: aut bar isn’t pretentious the way Zingerman’s is, although it’s arguable whether their d

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