The Daily Telegraph


“The Palestinians” long hatred of Mr. Sharon and the prime minister”s total distrust of Mr. Arafat leave no ground on which to resume negotiations. In their inimitable way, the Palestinians have once again missed an opportunity, this time presented by the suicide hijackings in America, to advance their cause.”


Tel aviv

“Dreaming about (the Palestinian Authority”s) elimination is wishful thinking derived from anger, and an attempt to actualize those wishes could bring chaos down on both the Palestinians and Israel.”

The New York Times

New York

“Mr. Arafat”s reluctance to shut down terrorist groups like Hamas has again led to the death of innocent teenagers and adults and thrown yet another set of Israeli families into mourning.”

The Times of India


“The similarities are chilling first, President George Bush giving the U.S. carte blanche to act in “self-defense” and now, Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon justifying his massive show of strength against the Palestinians. Both speak of a war which will go on till terror ends. A war which respects no territorial sovereignty, no international protocols and no accepted rules of engagement.”

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