Carl Cox is arguably one the world’s most popular DJs and one of the hardest working. His distinctive blend of house, techno and soul has been rocking audiences since the early ’80s when Carl started DJing family gatherings. From there, he moved on to bigger stages, becoming a major force during the exploding UK rave scene of the late ’80s. Today, he remains one of electronic music’s most famous ambassadors, known everywhere from St. Louis to Singapore. He is currently touring North America in support of his new CD, Global. The Michigan Daily recently sat down with Cox to talk about his CD, his experiences touring on the American electronic scene and his unique technical mastery of the turntables.

Paul Wong
Cox contemplates building a giant turn-table for us all to live in. (Courtesy of Carl Cox)
Paul Wong
Kicking out the jams. (Courtesy of Carl Cox)
Paul Wong
Cox points out his favorite Backstage Betty in the crowd. (Courtesy of Carl Cox)

The Michigan Daily: Why don’t you tell us a little about your new CD, Global?

Carl Cox: It’s a great new CD. I haven’t really come out with anything new in the last two years because the CDs I did before were on Moonshine, and there was my live CD from Chicago. A lot of it really has to do with where I’m at right now with my music at the moment, and it gives people a chance to understand what kind of music I’m into and what’s being played all over the world by me being international, and playing everywhere else. I’m just bringing that music into America in my way and what represents me. A lot of these tracks on Global are what I played at “Area: One.” For me, that was perfect for introducing that music to an audience that had no idea what the hell I was playing (laughs). It’s primarily to show what I’m about, and I think that’s important for people to truly know the reason why I’m still around after so many years.

TMD: Do you feel like Global is a progression of your sound toward something new? Or is it more an extension of the Techno and Tech-House sound that typifies who Carl Cox is?

CC: (laughs) Global wasn’t really put out to set the world on fire. It’s just there to represent where I’m at and to be accepted for that. Either I can put out Global so people understand, “That’s the track I heard in the club yesterday,” or I make some really underground electro records, which has no meaning to what I do, because the way forward is the way a lot of people are concerned. As far as I’m concerned, it’s about what I’m doing, and it’s about me giving people a good time from a House perspective, a Techno perspective.

TMD: I can tell from everything I’ve listened to that one of your favorite styles is harder Techno and also House to an extent. Would you say you’ve been influenced a lot by the Detroit sound?

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