“Out of frustration, we felt we had to do something,” says Icarus Line guitarist Aaron North. Though he”s referring to the bands” destruction of a faulty PA system at the previous night”s concert, North might as well be describing the reason behind the Los Angeles-based hardcore band”s origin. The Icarus Line destroy more than sound equipment. Their raucous live shows often leave band members bruised and bleeding and if CDs had arms, the Icarus Line”s latest, entitled Mono, could pummel corporate n-metal without scratching its jewel case.

Paul Wong
North tearing up the riffs (and the stage).<br><br>Courtsey of The Icarus Liney

But since Mono doesn”t have comprehensive national distribution yet, that fight might be a little hard to find. “If you look around, you can find it,” North promises, and one place to look is at the website buddyhead.com. Co-founded by North and friend Travis Keller, Buddyhead is the Icarus Line”s internet home away from home, and a project that keeps North and Keller (also the Icarus Line”s concert merchandise pusher) busy when they”re not on the road with the band.

On the road, North, his four bandmates, Keller and their road manager all sleep in a van in classic indie style. Though he admits that they”ve, “had it a lot worse” and current touring conditions as they are (in a borrowed van, as compared to previous tours in smaller cars and trucks) North claims that, “this is like gravy.” Still, a month and a half sleeping on a van bench is a month and a half sleeping on a van bench, and North tries, “to spend much of the time comatose” so that he doesn”t “have to think about the long, weird drives.” Since he doesn”t do drugs, North explains, “I like to go to my little dreamland, you know, hang out with trolls and fairies, and cartoon characters. There”s beautiful women in my dreamland.”

There are apparently no ladies really at the Icarus Line shows, however, as North notes that on this tour with hardcore friends Cave In, “it”s been pretty much a sausage party so far, it”s been a sword fight every night.” And if any girls do ever find their way across the Icarus Line, they”re welcome to come along for the ride, but they will have to work for their spot in the van. “Yeah, there”s room [in the van]. She”d have to pull her weight, though, you know. She”d have to like sell merch or something,” North quips.

If the rumor that girls like bad boys has any truth to it, tomorrow night”s Icarus Line concert at the Shelter in Detroit should find the band getting a bit more female attention. North says, with a hint of rebellious pride, “the other night, we broke the stage.” So ladies, come to the Icarus Line show and let hardcore”s rambunctious rockers pop your eardrums and break your hearts. For once, getting Mono is actually desirable.

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