The University of Michigan produces some of the finest leaders in the world, but what influence can we have if we cannot find jobs when we graduate? It is imperative that we all enter into a flourishing economy so that we can truly shape the future. The best presidential candidate to provide us with this opportunity is Rudy Giuliani.

Giuliani has a proven record of creating tremendous economic growth. During his time as mayor of New York City, the city’s economy flourished beyond all expectations. He inherited a $2.3 billion deficit and turned it into a $2.9 billion surplus. He cut taxes 23 times – saving New York City taxpayers $9 billion – yet increased city revenues by more than 40 percent. Giuliani is a true fiscal conservative who believes that tax cuts spur economic growth, and his record speaks for itself. During his tenure, 423,000 new jobs were created, effectively cutting unemployment in half.

Give Giuliani the chance to implement his economic policy and watch as conservative principles lead to a more prosperous America. More jobs will be created because companies will use their tax breaks to expand, and investment money will be freed up for research and entrepreneurship. The American Dream dictates that the next generation will do better than the last. A growing economy is the best way to keep this dream alive, and Giuliani will be the president most capable of achieving this goal. His belief in the free market does not end there.

As young people, we face a future of high and increasing medical costs. There are far too many people without health insurance, and those who have it overpay for coverage. Health care is one of the most difficult challenges facing our nation, and Giuliani has a plan to fix it. Socialized medicine creates mandates that drive prices through the roof. When people are forced to have health care, insurance companies can charge whatever they want because they know coverage has to be bought. Giuliani believes that the free market is the only way to bring health care costs down and to increase quality.

The American people – not employers or the government – should control their own healthcare. When hundreds of millions of Americans are making individual decisions on which policy they want to buy, the healthcare companies will need to lower prices and increase quality to compete. How do people afford to pay for their health insurance if their employers are not providing it? The answer is tax deductions. Giuliani’s plan calls for up to $15,000 in tax deductions so that Americans can buy their own coverage for a more reasonable price.

One of the focal points of Giuliani’s campaign is that America must remain on the offensive in the war against terrorism. America wants peace, but showing weakness leads to more aggression by the terrorists. The war in Iraq is only one front in the war against terrorism, but its importance should not be overlooked. We cannot create an artificial timetable for withdrawal because it will only embolden our enemies. The troop surge is working, and there is progress on numerous fronts. Staying in Iraq to build a stable democracy will help minimize the terrorist threat and is a vital investment in our future – regardless of how long it takes.

When choosing which presidential candidate to support, keep in mind Giuliani’s unassailable qualifications. He is a candidate with extensive and remarkable executive experience who has proven his bipartisan credentials by implementing conservative governance in one of America’s most liberal cities. America is in need of a unifying force to lead our nation through these trying times. Join us in making America’s mayor the next president.

Alex Veneziano is chair of the University chapter of Students for Rudy. Chip Welsh is the group’s communications director. Both are LSA juniors.

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