Department of Public Safety officials are cautioning students to keep bathroom doors locked while showering after a woman told police Friday morning that a person reached in and touched her while she was taking a shower in South Quad Residence Hall.

“We don”t know gender or race or anything at this point,” DPS spokeswoman Diane Brown said. “We”ll be following up with an investigation.”

Brown said DPS does not normally issue a crime alert when so little information has been provided, but there could be a connection to peeping tom incidents in residence hall showers in November and December of last year at East Quad, Stockwell and Mosher-Jordan Residence Halls.

The perpetrator in the peeping tom incidents may not be the same in this case because the person in these cases made no physical advances, Brown said.

“No one reported that person making any overtures. It was strictly observing from a little bit of a distance,” she said.

Following the peeping tom incidents, Residence Halls housing officials made sure all bathroom locks were checked or fixed, Brown said.

“We need people to continue to be vigilant and lock the shower room doors,” Brown said. “It will be better protection for them.”

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