Marc Broussard was born with a lot of talent.  Son of
Boogie Kings

guitarist and
Louisiana Hall of Famer Ted Broussard, Marc was blessed

a voice that’s
part Dr. John and part Brian McKnight. All that apparent

talent is what
makes it that much more painful to listen to his

Carencro.  Simply put, Broussard’s lyrics make John
Mayer look like

Bob Dylan. Even
Otis Redding couldn’t make lines like “Baby I’m so into

You / Every
whisper from your soul to my heart / Baby I know it’s true

You’re a sweet
mystery sent to me from the stars / And that’s the beauty

who you are”


The first track,
“Home” (Carencro is the small town in Louisiana Broussard grew up
in), sets the tone for the entire album. Its slick overproduced
sound works against the intended down-home feel. Producer Mark
Altman may have been aiming for rural Louisiana but instead he
ended up with metro Nashville. The flawless playing of the session
musicians probably doesn’t help very much. The song gets
downright embarrassing with its handclapping, footstomping
breakdown. The worst part about it is that “Home” is
the standout track on the album.


frustrating that someone with such a great voice can’t find a
good song to sing. With the right collaborators Broussard could
have a lot of potential. Fans of Gavin DeGraw would love him.
Songwriting isn’t easy but someone should’ve told Marc
Broussard that it’s impossible to write a song called
“The Beauty of Who You Are” and retain any


Rating: 0 out
of 5 stars 

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