Deck the halls with pregnant celebrities! With the holiday season approaching, it’s time to take a look at the little bundles of joy that will be filling the nation’s gossip magazines in nine months or less. Kourtney Kardashian, Hilary Duff, Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Garner are some of the celebrity moms with buns in the oven who have Twitter and gossip sources buzzing. As the mommies-to-be strut the red carpets with their baby bumps, these celeb babies gain their star status even before they are born.

Now, a celebrity pregnancy typically follows a process. It usually begins with gossip sources speculating that a celebrity is expecting. But most of the time, these claims are wrong and end up spotlighting stars who actually just enjoy eating, like Katy Perry, who said the rumors of her being pregnant are attributed to her love of In-N-Out Burger and Taco Bell. Typically, the announcement comes from the celebrity herself — and what pregnancy announcement has been more fabulous this year than that of Beyoncé Knowles?

In a flowing red gown on the red carpet of the MTV Video Music Awards on Aug. 28, Beyoncé clutched her bulging belly. Before the performance of her new song “Love on Top,” Beyoncé told the crowd and 12.4 million people watching at home that she wanted them to “… feel the love that’s growing inside me,” confirming that the singer and rapper hubby Jay-Z were expecting their first child. The due date was later revealed to be in February.

Beyoncé then entered the second stage of a celebrity pregnancy: revealing the baby’s gender. While Beyoncé and Jay-Z kept the gender of the future ruler of the free hip-hop world a secret, we luckily had Kelly Rowland, Beyoncé’s friend and former Destiny’s Child bandmate, to spill the beans. At an award show ceremony early in November, Rowland repeatedly referred to Beyoncé’s baby as a “her,” letting us know the baby on the way will be the next diva to run the world.

Now the gossip world waits patiently for the February due date, when we can pick up People or another gossip mag with a gorgeous photo spread of the baby and the hip-hop heroes who will guide her to stardom.

Until then, we sit in the third stage of a celebrity pregnancy: the rumor stage. Most notably, gossip sources are contending that Beyoncé really isn’t pregnant. After appearing on an Australian talk show in early October, critics claimed Beyoncé’s pregnant belly “collapsed” when she sat down to be interviewed. Did Jay-Z hire a surrogate to carry their baby? Is Beyoncé pretending to be more pregnant than she truly is? Beyoncé’s publicist denied the claims of a fake baby bump, but that doesn’t stop gossip sources from scrutinizing the size of B’s belly every time she makes an appearance.

While you may think the baby bump coverage is absurd, you should realize that once this baby is born, her every move will be tweeted and photographed by gossip sources for the world to watch. From trips to school to play dates at the park, why would celebrities need babysitters when they have the paparazzi to watch their children 24/7?

Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s baby will be born in the spotlight and, like all celebrity children, in the spotlight is where she will remain. The process has been tried and true for famous celebrities — Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s flock of children, Will Smith’s karate kid son and the daughter who whips her hair. But this all raises one simple question: Why are we so fascinated with celebrity pregnancies?

Maybe it’s because the soccer mom with four children in line at the grocery store can relate to the pregnant celeb on the cover of Us Weekly. Or maybe it’s because we feel close to celebrities, so we follow the growth of their families as if they were our own friends. And maybe we just think babies are cute — I know I can’t wait to see if baby Beyoncé has her mother’s Covergirl looks or Jay-Z’s classic scowl.

Regardless of the reason, celeb babies are present in the media from the time the announcement is made until … forever. We will watch the babies from diapers to dating, and watch the celeb moms shed the pounds and endorse the newest weight loss company mere weeks after giving birth. As today’s celebrities fade out, these newest tots keep the gossip magazines full and usher in the new era of people TMZ will stalk and Perez Hilton will blog about.

This holiday season, the gift of a new gossip generation remains wrapped in the designer pregnancy clothing of Kourtney Kardashian, Hilary Duff, Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Garner and Beyoncé. As the baby bumps take to the red carpet, we can only anticipate the youngest celebs who will be the talk of the New Year. So happy holidays, and congratulations celebrity mommies — thanks for keeping the gift of gossip alive.

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