Best Compact Discs: Borders The corporate behemoth known to us as Borders proved too strong for our local music shops. They”ve got everything: Books, coffee, live entertainment, music and DVDs. Now if only they would sell milk. Just out of curiosity, how can a CD on sale still be $16?

Paul Wong
Encore Records” huge selection boasting many musical genres makes it a campus favorite<br><br>ABBY ROSENBAUM/Daily

Best Used CDs: tie between Wazoo Records, Encore Wazoo and Encore fought long and hard for the crown, but after an impressive array of used stock, the stores ended in a draw. Encore took the early lead with its never-ending stack of used discs on their counter, but Wazoo came back strong with its cozy atmosphere and friendly service.

Best Shoe Store: Footprints Not to be confused with Foot Locker, although the employees do wear those tacky referee outfits.

Best Haircut: Noggins For 15 bucks they”ll make you look as sharp as a Philadelphia lawyer. For a few dollars more you might be able to get that mullet you”ve always wanted.

Best Tanning Salon: Tanfastic Tanfastic, oh I get it. Clever. While its name lacks creativity, the high octane tanning beds are sure to give you that sorority shine you”ve always dreamed of.

Best Books: Borders They sell books too? From the latest “Harry Potter” thriller to the unauthorized biography of Mary Chapin Carpenter, Borders has every book in print.

Best Art Supplies: Ulrich”s Jackson Pollock shops here, so should you. The friendly staff at Ulrich”s is waiting to help with your artistic needs. Ask for Frank, he”ll be good to you.

Best Textbooks: Ulrich”s I thought all the textbook stores were the same. Regardless, Ulrich”s has been named once again the best textbook source on campus. Now if only Borders would sell textbooks

Best Test Prep: Kaplan George Kaplan played “Mr. Dills” in Ernest Saves Christmas. Neil Kaplan was “Destruxo” on Power Rangers. You can play the role of the well-prepared student by using Kaplan.

Best Liquor: Campus Corner Rumor has it you must be 21 to purchase alcohol in the state of Michigan. I”d like to personally thank my overpriced printer and laminator for helping bend that law.

Best Florists: Normandie Flowers What better way to say, “I love you” than with a flower? Your special someone would really like to see you waste fifty bucks on plants that die in a few days.

Best Travel Agency: STA Travel That”s no moon it”s a space station! For $17,000 they”ll book you a flight on the Millennium Falcon. Remember to board at docking bay 94.

Best Men”s Clothing: Bivouac They have a great selection of top quality, but it will cost you. Ever wonder where the source of all those North Face coats on campus is?

Best Women”s Clothing: Urban Outfitters Tube tops, pajamas, invisible panties, inflatable chairs. You name it Urban Outfitters has it. They even have charts you can use to make sure you match your sorority sisters. Cool!

Best “U” Fan Apparel: Steve and Barry”s Buy two, get one free! They always get confused when you buy more than two things. It screws up their entire system.

Best Thrift Clothing: Value Village Do you like my dress? I bought it at a thrift store for one dollar. Someone loved it intently and then threw it away on the side of the road.

Best Outdoor Apparel: Bivouac I thought for sure Diag Party Store would have won this category, oh well. Maybe next year. No, you can”t rent their canoes. I asked specifically, and apparently they aren”t usable on dry land.

Best Sporting Goods: Bivouac You”d think the winner of the best sporting goods category would sell shuttlecocks. No such luck. When I asked an employee if they carried them I was greeted with an all too common phrase, “Shuttlecocks? Shuttlecocks? We don”t need no stinkin” shuttlecocks!”

Best Bicycle Sales: Great Lakes Cyclery They specialize in midget-sized unicycles with detachable horns. If you”re in the mood for something in the two wheeled variety, they have plenty to offer in that department as well.

Best Cab Service: Yellow Cab (Ann Arbor Paratransit) It”s Friday night, no Saturday morning. You”ve had a few too many cans of Schlitz, and you need a ride home. Don”t call mom and dad call Yellow Cab, the most trusted cab service in Ann Arbor.

Best New Local Business: Pita Pit Located on South University next to Subway, the friendly folks at Pita Pit are happy to serve the finest health foods in town. I highly recommend the chicken Caesar. I eat two everyday and I”ve lost 3 inches off of my beer gut.

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