As of late, the campus has been covered with posters containing
catchy slogans like “We don’t cuddle after we bang,” and “Bang
without the STDs.” The group responsible is Groove; think Stomp and
make the members all University students and you’ll get a clear
picture of what these musicians are all about. Come Saturday night,
using trash cans, lids, brooms and drum sticks, this group will be
rocking out rhythmic masterpieces at the dance marathon benefit
concert “Standing Room Only.”

John Becic
Courtesy of Groove
One big happy family.

According to founder/director Lev Gartman, this group has been
in the making since he arrived at Michigan three years ago. He was
in a Groove-type group in high school and wanted to get one started
here on campus, but the time never seemed right. Finally though, he
got everything together, and now students can be seen wandering
around campus carrying brooms and trash cans with purpose.

Auditions were held about a month and a half ago to find the
musical talent that would make up the group. Gartman explained how
of all the obstacles he had faced putting this group together
(finding practice space, getting together equipment), the auditions
were the hardest part. “I’m no pro, but based on the talent and
potential I saw, I went through the hardest part so far. I was
trying to be inclusive with making the group, but here I had to
narrow it down and be exclusive.”

The audition process ended with the group being about 20 people
large, and in the words of Gartman, “I have a wide range of
talents.” No one is taught how to play a trash can, or how to use a
broom to make music, but the members of this group play like they
were born into the position. “I just keep getting impressed,”
Gartman said, “this group throws down some ridiculous beats.”

This Saturday will mark only the second performance of this
group, but they are ready. “I am looking forward to immediate
rock-star status,” commented Gartman with a laugh, “and then I will
take Groove on tour.” Whether or not Groove is bound for stardom,
it is obvious that from the posters to the overall atmosphere,
Groove is a group all about having fun. “I want to entertain,”
Gartman said, and on Saturday night that is exactly what the group
intends to do.


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