Members of the Greek community rolled up their sleeves to get
down and dirty for the annual Mudbowl held Saturday on the lawn of
the Sigma Alpha Epsilon house. In its 70th year, the Mudbowl has
remained one of the University’s biggest traditions, said SAE
President and LSA junior Drew Beres.

“I think it’s a great tradition. It’s one of the biggest events
in the Greek community because of the notoriety it gets,” he

The final brackets for the Mudbowl included SAE versus Zeta Beta
Tau, and Kappa Alpha Theta versus Delta Delta Delta for the
sorority match.

SAE won the fraternity match 33-12 in a “well-played game from
both sides,” Beres said.

The sorority match ended in a hard-fought 6-6 tie after double

“The entire game was a highlight for me,” said Kappa Alpha Theta
member and LSA sophomore Hilary Goldin.

“I was shivering on the sidelines, but it was well worth it,”
she said.

“One of the nicest parts was that after the game, there wasn’t
any bad sportsmanship and there was no animosity. It was a lot of
fun to be part of something that was really classy,” said Kappa
Alpha Theta member and LSA junior Sara Rapoport. “There were a
couple of bumps and bruises – nothing too serious,” she added.

Before putting their abilities to the test in the mud pit, more
than 20 teams vied for a spot in the final four during a series of
playoff games held two weeks before the main event.

Each team must pay a $150 entrance fee, which is donated to the
C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital.

“It’s definitely our biggest philanthropic event,” Beres

Each year, a large part of SAE’s lawn is soaked in water for two
weeks before the game. With the aid of a tractor and a tiller, SAE
transforms the land into the infamous mud pit.

Beres added that a water truck was called in to douse the field
with 9,000 gallons of water before the game.

Though most Mudbowl participants had no problem with the mud,
some neighbors of the SAE property did not share the same

“It smelled really bad. You could smell it just walking down the
street, it was like playing a game next to a port-a-potty. It was
some weird-smelling mud,” LSA freshman Brian Perrymen said.

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