“Pumpkin Remover”

If you thought “Red Remover” was great, you’ll think “Pumpkin Remover” is slightly less great, but still pretty good. The same premise holds: Remove all the rotten pumpkins without losing any of the fresh ones. This short, simple Halloween twist on the winning formula may scream last-minute project, but it can still entertain for many minutes on end.

Play at tinyurl.com/playpumpkinremover

“Shark Mountain”

It doesn’t get any more BAMF than being a shark in an ice pool at the top of a mountain eating people who try to blow up the peak. Oh wait, yes it does: You get to blow up helicopters, too. It’s all the underwater steering of “Dolphin Olympics” with all the blood, guts and awesomeness that you expect from a game about sharks. Simple, addictive, indescribably badass.

Play at tinyurl.com/playsharkmountain

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