Play as a strange blob-like ship as you traverse the screen, blowing up your enemies into bursts of pixels. Shoot pixels at your enemies and watch as they explode. See how lengthy a combo of explosions you can get by stringing together well-timed blasts. The game is beautifully chaotic and stylistically cool. Unlockable bonuses including a psychedelic seizure mode make “Pixel” fun to play many times through.

“Bubble Blaster”

As if “Bubble Spinner” weren’t cool enough, along comes “Bubble Blaster” to up the ante. Spin a cluster of bubbles around and try to match up colors in groups of three or more. The new twist? You have a computer opponent at the top of your screen trying to outblast you. Earn a higher score than the AI within three minutes to advance to the next a level, where even more challenges await.

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